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Adventure -

I am one lucky person if you ask me and so are many others to live in such a beautiful place to call home. Where do you even start, If you haven't done so, you must take a walk through the National Park. The National Park itself is a pretty big place, and not to mention so dam pretty. It is split into 4 sections. The headland is one of the popular tracks and it all starts from 'Little cove' just past main beach. The full track 'Hells Gate' takes a roundabout 40mins walk this varies if you want to stop and take it all in, within finding serenity and therapy in how calming and peaceful your surroundings are.

The nightlife -

Noosa isn't known for its wonderful nightlife, but if you fancy a drink then village bicycle, Little Sister and Paradise Arcade know how to serve up tasty bevvies, and nothing like a good time. If you're feeling like a boogie than Cafe Le Monde on a Saturday night gets pretty funky. My ultimate favourite thing to do is grab a couple of cold ones and perk yourself at First Point and watch the sunset, you really can't beat that, right?

The hustle and bustle of Hasting street -

Take a walk around the shops after a fun filled day in the sun being a professional beach bum, My ultimate favourite is Alterior Motif, located at the end of the street ranging from the most amazing and stylish brands... a few of my favourite brands in the shop would have to be Zulu & Zephyr, Nice Martin and of course The Bare Road + many many more. Although not very good for your bank account. If your after something a little more affordable then Goddess would be the right way to go, they have many clothes to choose from ranging from Linen, and of course many jumpsuits and the basics that every wardrobe needs.

Noosa, Noosa, Noosa... You never fail to impress. Enjoy it! x


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