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the london diaries - week one

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

After six long years I was reunited with not only my favourite city but all of my English family, and I couldn't have been happier <3

London was the beginning and end of my European travels. We stayed at my aunty Alice's house in Nunhead and were lucky enough to utilise it as our base during all of our city adventures.

Getting into central London only took 20 - 30 minutes from Nunhead. Public transport was nothing like I had experienced before. Overwhelming to begin with, but after a day, we we're all over it.

It's totally easy to get swept up in London's beautifully fast paced chaos. Because of this, my favourite days were spent getting lost and admiring what the city had to offer.

We were lucky enough to stumble across a small gallery that was exhibiting some Banksy and Warhol pieces. The price tags, let alone seeing them in person was enough to leave me dumbfounded.

There's no hiding it, London without a doubt broke my bank. From retail outlets to quirky boutiques and hidden markets, this city had shopping like no other. To my surprise, European Zara and Topshop are my new found weaknesses. It's common that shops have six plus levels, so be prepared to spending hours inside - guilty.

The British Museum

At no cost, this museum was truly something else. With over eight million exhibits, it was nothing short of overwhelming.

After thirty minutes there's no doubt you will find yourself over staturated and desensitised to the impressive spread in each room. With it being the most visited museum in London, it is however, definitely one to put on the list of things to do.

"London's West End – aka Theatreland – is the best place to see theatre in the world" - TimeOut London, making it a must! Thanks to my aunty Alice I was lucky enough to see two.

'Everyone Is talking About Jamie' and 'Kinky Boots', in spirit of pride month. Both have hilarious uplifting plots along-side killer dancers, making for a special nights entertainment.

Regents Park


The ninth door of Mayfair had me feeling like I had fallen down a rabbit hole. From the front it just looks like another white facade. However, it's actually a refurbished Dior show-room that has been flipped into an array of beautifully themed spaces. It is definitely one of the most delightful places to plough through cake and sip English tea, highly recommended if you're in London.

London, you, your cheap raspberries and abnormal variety of healthy food to go have my heart,

Week two coming soon x

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