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mallorca, spain

you can watch what we got up to in video form here to get context of how we spent our days:

Mallorca, Spain had been on my list of places to I'd wanted to visit for the last year, so I was super excited to be finally going. We booked last minute, so there wasn't a lot of choice left for accomodation. We managed to get our hands on a small, but perfect, little apartment in the south island in a town called Santanyí.

The area at first impression is extremely touristy, but after collecting our bearings we managed to find a few hidden gems.


Pretty much no matter where you go, if you're here around June - September it's bound to be busy. We found our most favourite spots by going just a little past the popular beaches where the crowds were a lot less. Highly recommend visiting the national park, so many secluded beautiful little beaches!

Hiring bikes - is another great way to see the island and get to know the area around you. We wanted to do this, but i got sick and wasn't feeling up to it. Next time I visit though i definitely will be doing this or even hiring a car!

Park Natural de Mondrago

Platja Beach

Cala Llombards

Cala Esmeralda Beach

Restaurants and Bars:

Now I can only speak from my own experience, but we found that majority of the restaurants and cafes around where we were staying were extremely western influenced. This was pretty frustrating because we really wanted some authentic Spanish tapas and paella. There are however a few in the mix that that did satisfy our wants and served us some of the freshest fish i've ever eaten. It was crazy over priced, but the experience was definitely worth it. So if theres one thing you take from this, be selective about where you choose to dine.

Port de Sóller - a beach boardwalk area with a variety of traditional Spanish cuisine - must try grilled fish!

Sa Cala - Drinks were okay, cheap, beautiful view of the beach.


On the first day, we did what I tend to do no matter where i'm holidaying - visit a local market and stock up on fresh produce. The fruit here was SO SO GOOD! So ripe and sweet.

On our second night we decided to make paella - because a. it'd save us some money, b. we both love cooking and it was something fun to do, and c. leftovers made for great beach lunches for the next few days.

I feel like we really only did get to see a small part of the island in the 5 days we were there. And what we did see was insanely beautiful. I definitely will be back, and this time for longer.

I hope this was helpful if you're thinking of visiting Mallorca.

Love always,

Lols x

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