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gluten free caramelised peach & pecan hotcakes with greek yoghurt & thyme

In my opinion, pancakes have the weekend written all over them. And with weather as cold as it's been, these hotcakes are the perfect treat for a chilly Sunday morning.

In this recipe I'm using gluten free flour, which can definitely be swapped out for regular flour if thats what you prefer. For a dairy free version you could substitute the greek yoghurt for coyo and the butter for nuttelex.

These quantities make around 9 - 10 pancakes, serving up to 3 - 4 people

Begin by caramelising your peaches. It's super easy, just throw all your ingredients into a frypan over a medium heat stirring regularly - after roughly 10 minutes they should somewhat look like mine. I'd recommend using slightly firmer peaches, that way they will hold their shape better.

Meanwhile, begin your hotcake batter. Combine all ingredients into a large bowl and stir until mixed. For a smoother mixture sift the flour, but it's not necessary.

I chose not to add any sugar or sweetener to my mixture as the caramelised peaches are quite sweet, but if you're a sweet tooth feel free to add any sweetener of your choice.

(p.s. if you're like me and always tempted to taste the batter, don't be fooled by how gross it tastes - once its cooked its super yummy)

Heat another fry pan over a medium heat. Once hot add half a teaspoon of butter, wait until melted. Pour in 1 ladle of batter. When the middle of the hotcake has bubbles, flip.

Repeat until all of the batter is used up and... Walahhh!

To serve: reheat peaches and layer your hotcakes with a dollop of yoghurt in-between. Drizzle the caramelised pecans and peaches over top, sprinkle with thyme.

I hope you enjoy, and if you give them a try let me know what you think!

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