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croatia; travel diary & recommendations

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

20.5.2018 - 1.6.2018

Where the piercing blue waters and craggy beaches are what dreams are made of...

Ocean Rock Croatia Dubrovnik Peacfull Ladies

Whilst in Split, we stumbled across a little rock beach just off of Marjan national park. Here - surprise, surprise - we swam and soaked up the rays for hours.

Some snaps from the day - featuring Kyla in my new favourite wardrobe staple - Amanda Shadforth's OF teeshirt 'Oui; OF course'

Our airbnb in Split: Super affordable, equiped with a little kitchen. Crazy good location. You're welcome.

If you were to ask a local, they'd give you an earful about what an inconvenience their rock / concrete beaches are, but personally I'm obsessed. When we first arrived in Dubrovnik it took us a few days to discover the not so touristy and more special spots, so I thought i'd compile a list and some snaps of my favourite spots we discovered.

Buža Beach - more on the touristy side (located in the old town) but situated on a rock cliff with an insane view.

Sulic pebble beach - only known to those who wish to step off the beaten path, Sulic is a slice of heaven with both a pebble and a concrete beach.

Kolorina beach - a concrete jetty that meets the water, if you walk around the corner of this beach, you will find an even nicer secluded pebble beach (dosen't have a name) with different heightened rocks to jump off.

Banje Beach - Don't be fooled, the dreamy white chairs are 400 kuna ($80) to sit on... Once we found this out we opted to sit on the concrete jetty, which might not have been as comfortable but the view was just as nice.

Buža Beach Bar

We didn't venture out much in the afternoons, as by around 6pm we were well and truly exhausted, and looked forward to some r&r in our hotel room. The times we did however we roamed the old town and happily contributed to our europe weight gain with of course either ice-creams, aperol spritz's - or both.

Dubrovnik old town, home aesthetic clotheslines and some of the best ice-cream.

Beach hopping, cold cocktails and quaint streets made it nothing short of an exceptional 11 days here in Croatia.

We're off to Italy x

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