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a weekend guide; the gold coast

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Although Madds and I couldn't stop talking about how perfect our little trip had been, it wasn't until I received a message on instagram asking for budget getaway / staycation recommendations that I thought about doing this post. As a uni student I am constantly looking for budget friendly, but fun little holidays, and personally I find things like this really helpful (so I hope you do to).

You can watch my youtube video of the weekend, to get further context of how we spent our days:

As you may or may not know, I grew up in a small beach town called Noosa Heads located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I graduated from high school in 2017, had a gap year and then at the beginning of 2019 moved an hour and three quarters south to a city called Brisbane, where I began uni. Whilst Brisbane is great for me at the moment, the coast and beach has and always will be such a huge part of me, so living in the city i've had to adjust to this.

Just over an hour away from Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, is the coastal town, Burleigh. Before moving to Brisbane i'd spent near to no time on the gold coast, so keep in mind, I'm still new to the area. But after visiting quite a few times over the year to get my ocean fix, i've definitely developed a small list of must do's/see's.

So here's how me and Maddi spent our two days on our recent little getaway:

*whilst i've called this a 'weekend guide' we actually stayed mid week - Monday - Tuesday - hence why you'll see this trip we didn't really get amongst much of the night life.*

Day ONE.

11am: Check in to airbnb - we stayed in Palm Beach. It was such a perfect location. Very central and a one minute walk to the beach.

12pm: Grocery shop - there was a Coles down the road, a 10 minute walk. We decided to do a small shop as having snacks and eating a few meals in saves SO much money.

1:30pm: Beach baby (we went to the one just out the front of our Airbnb - Palm Beach)

4pm: Picnic on Burleigh hill

5:30pm: Drinks and more food at The Tropic (@thetropicburleigh) at the Burleigh Pavilion.

Dishes to try: the Burrata & Spring Salad

We wanted to get up really early the next morning so we only had a few drinks and headed home at around 7pm. We spent the rest of the night just hanging out in our cute little Airbnb.

Day TWO.

5:45am *Madds and I are both such morning people haha* - with zero coordination we attempted to play some tennis (making use of the tennis court our Airbnb had).

6:15am: Burleigh national park walk / run.

7am: Coffee at Nook Espresso and a swim out the front of Burleigh Pavilion.

9:30am: Check out of Airbnb

10:30am: Breakfast at Stable @stable_coffee_kitchen which is located at Cornerstone Store.

After breakie we wandered around all of the little shops in this area - SO many nice ones!

1pm: Back to the beach (this time we went to Burleigh)

3pm: FIN.

Other recommendations:

Food / Drinks:

  • Justin Lane @justinlaneest (dinner/drinks)

  • Rick Shores @imrickshores (drinks/lunch/dinner)

  • Light Years @lightyearsasiandiner (dinner/drinks)

  • Dust temple @dusttemple (breakfast/lunch/coffee)

  • Commune @communeespresso (breakfast/coffee)

  • Paddock Bakery @paddockbakery (breakfast/coffee)

  • Social Brew @socialbrewburleigh (breakfast/ACAI/coffee)

  • Good day @gooddaycoffee (avo toast ;) / coffee)

Do's / See's:

  • Gather Store

  • Dust Temple Gallery @dust_temple (a good op shop next door too)

  • Village Markets - Every first and third Sunday of the month

  • Burleigh Farmers Market - Every Saturday 7am – 12pm

I hope you found this post somewhat helpful.

enjoy your getaway,

Lols x

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