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a swiss day dream

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

15.5.2018 - 19.5.2018


Ahhhhh... It was like a real life postcard

We stayed in Schwendi, a short 5 minute train ride to the main town centre of Grindelwald. It was in full bloom with bright yellow, red and white flowers. Our days were spent walking through the fields and tracks soaking up the beauty of the place.

The Grindelwald toboggan slide was something we had looked forward to since the early stages of planning our trip. After walking for way too long to get the the cable car that took us to the slide, the ticket man proceeded to tell us that the slide was out of action for the next week due to a predicted avalanche. What a joke right. We were so devastated, but perhaps if you ever make it to Grindelwald, you will be able to tell me all about it.

Naked Running Paddock Switzerland Grindelwald

It's safe to say this part of Switzerland is definitely way too underrated. Whilst getting and actually staying there costed an arm and a leg, waking up to sunny blue skies, and fresh snow on the mountain each morning, definitely made up for the rations and interesting living conditions we endured during our stay.

Before this trip, I was prepared to be grocery shopping and cooking some of our meals in our Airbnb's, as I know how much money this saves. With this in mind, I was shocked at how expensive groceries in Grindelwald were. With a population of cows almost as large as people, the cheapest single beef steak at the supermarket was $20. NO WORDS.

Our go to budget meal each night consisted of a VERY basic red curry with frozen veg, potatoes & rice, topped with greek yoghurt (that I also ate with porridge for breakfast).

And yes, edible flowers picked from our garden were totally necessary...

So... there it is, my first post, short but sweet.

Grindelwald, I'll forever have interesting but definitely fond memories x

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